About me


But who is behind the Different Dive Blog ?


My name is Helene and I live south of Brussels in the tiny Belgium with my partner in life and our large recomposed tribe.

In “life without diving”, I have worked for a long time in the field of education.

Holding a Master degree in “Adult education” from the Catholic University of Louvain la Neuve, I support and train professionals in the accomplishment of their job through a reflexive approach.

Portrait d'Hélène, blogueuse de Different Dive

How did I get to the world of diving ?

Initially, nothing predestined me to join the wonderful world of diving. I was far from the cliché of the passionate viewing the movies of Cousteau in her childhood. I certainly preferred the broadcasts of Nicolas Hulot who made me travel around the globe.

Although I have always been very close to the aquatic environment. It’s finally the sight of a diver disappearing in the depths of a dark lake that made me want to know the motivations of a diver.

“But why do these divers take pleasure dressed this way to enter in waters that are sometimes very cold and dark? “

Because of a bit of challenge, a taste for adventure and especially curiosity, I decided to join this world of enthusiasts.

And the experience was really in sync with my expectations. I fell literally in love with scuba diving … and with a diver.

For me all dives are wonderful. Even more, I define myself as an excellent public for diving centers. I come back from my dives almost always more than satisfied.

Quite naturally and probably because of my profession, after my divers certifications, I decided to teach. I finally got my CMAS 3 * instructor certification. This, for the pleasure of being able to share what I had learned but above all to give divers and instructors the desire to think about their passion.

Une plongeuse sourit lors d'une immersion
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Why did I start the “Different Dive” Blog ?

Initially, there was DDIVE. It is the professional activity of my companion who trained with great pleasure divers and instructors for years.

After spending many years diving around the world with him, teaching in a non profit way and thinking on the practice of scuba diving, I wanted to share more of my diving experiences and the perceptions I had of it.

Through Different Dive, it is an invitation to think about scuba diving.

A space where one does not take for granted all the talks and theories conveyed sometimes without questioning their foundations or their sustainability.

Different Dive is also an invitation to travel. The desire to share the spots and destinations that have marked me most or that I would like to discover.  It’s also about the innovations of the diving sector and the awareness of the preservation of the oceans and the ecology in general.

The Different Dive blog is above all a pleasure.  A space for thinking for all so that the diving experience can be declined differently according to the tastes and competences of each of us.

About my buddy 

Didier, my companion in life and my favorite diving buddy, has been an instructor for more than 20 years. He is NAUI Course director, CMAS 3 * instructor and DAN instructor. His wide experience in the world of diving and his many years of teaching are incredible resources and richness. I can combine them with my professional experience of adult training in a reflexive approach for more pleasure and safety.


With Didier, we travel the world as soon as possible taking with us one or the other of our children during our expeditions.


Une carte du monde représentant les pays visités

But as you can see, we still have many destinations to discover and share with you.

Un couple sourit en buvant un jus de fruit à l'aéroport en Martinique
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What’s Next ?

It’s with a lot of pleasure and energy that I wish to share the Different Dive adventure with you. If you are also interested in thinking about diving, discovering new diving experiences, discovering scuba innovation, talking about ecological issues, do not hesitate to subscribe to this blog and follow our Facebook page

But above all … do not forget to be happy