The selection – 2017 – The best of the blog Different Dive

2018 is almost there. The end of the year is the perfect time to survey the items you liked the most.

Here are those who have been most read, most commented and most shared. You missed one or another article? click on the lpictures below to be automatically redirected to those who had, in 2017, the favors of the majority of diving addicts.

January 2017

The month of January 2017 saw the birth of the blog. Stammering initially because of technical ignorance, he really took his real departure in March. In January, it’s the beginning of our beautiful adventure together 🙂

February 2017

While it had just started, the blog recorded its first real success with the massive sharing of the article on diving for seniors.
It must be said that you are more likely to try the experience of the first dive after 50 years to discover you also the joys of underwater exploration. But beware, it’s not without some precautions to take to (re) discover by reading the article 🙂

© MonicaVolpin | Pixabay

March 2017

Discovering the future of Europe’s premier dive destination has been favored by Internet users at the end of the winter. It must be said that this destination has many assets that it would be a shame to neglect.

Une plongeuse regarde la mer
© Differentdive | DDIVE

April 2017

You are sensitive to the behavior of your pairs during the dives. Also, in order to not (more) have unpleasant surprises, you took a lot of fun to discover The 8 attitudes of divers who enjoy more (and more intensely).

Un plongeur sourit en regardant l'objectif
© Thomas Somme

May 2017

In Polynesia, the debate on opening the world of diving to instructors who do not own the state certification is raging. In order to understand more clearly this situation, I proposed a critical evaluation on the dive situation in France that you have been several thousand to share, comment, … always with passion.

Des plongeurs marchent sur un ponton
@ Differentdive | DDIVE

June 2017

As we approached the summer, discovering new diving instruments seemed to be a topic that most of you loved. The proof by this article about the buddy watcher.

Un plongeur observe un tombant pendant que la palanquée se dirige vers le large
© Dany Luyck

July 2017

Big jerk for me in early July. Indeed, a nice article on women and diving during menstruation ignites the powders on social networks groups. I was purely and simply banned from some … proof that the question of gender still has to go it’s way to reach equality in diving. However, “sad news, scuba diving is not for women” will be shared virally and read by many people.

Une femme fait de la plongée en piscine
© Differentdive | DDIVE

August 2017

In the middle of the summer, I ask whether “do we really need to be scared of sharks?” As this subject seems to me important and urgent to treat. It will be unanimous and remains to this day a best article to (re) discover regularly for even more awareness.

Un requin dans l'océan en Polynésie
© DifferentDive | DDIVE

September 2017

This month you had trouble choosing.

On the one hand, a serious, long and arduous article explaining “why I decided not to teach the tables anymore as decompression tool during the dive”

Deux plongeurs font un palier de sécurité
© DifferentDive | DDIVE

On the other hand, an article revealing the 12 signs that prove that you are addicted to diving in which you are necessarily recognized.

Une femme regarde à travers son masque de plongée
© DifferentDive | DDIVE

Also, I suggest you rediscover these two articles to decide which one you prefer.

October 2017

Regarding the subject of diving accidents, many of you have been reacting to the article on the sequence of mistakes to be made. The most difficult article to write about me (because it pushed me to return to an unpleasant past), he wanted to be my brick in the building in the prevention of accidents diving.

Une femme de dos regarde un plan d'eau
© DifferentDive | DDIVE

November 2017

In November, we point out safety by revisiting the briefing with the 5-point method … and it’s all for even more safety in diving.

Un moniteur fait un briefing de plongée dans une piscine
© DifferentDive | DDIVE

December 2017

Very clearly, the article and the video allowing you to understand the pulmonary overpressure in 60 seconds (and never forget again) had your preference this month, in a concern to fight against diving accidents.

Un plongeur fait le signe ok dans le fond d'une piscine
© DifferentDive | DDIVE

The diving year ends, stay tuned in 2018 for more articles, exchanges and fun to continue this beautiful road together.

And you, what were your favorite items?

Note in comment below your trifecta.

And above all, do not forget to be happy 🙂


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