BIKI, the world’s first submarine drone

Evolving under the water like a fish, BIKI is the first underwater drone capable of exploring with or without you the aquatic environment.

With a high-definition camera, BIKI can be controlled remotely with your smartphone if you want to stay on the surface or directly with its waterproof remote control if you immerse yourself with it for a “remote controlled” dive with a futuristic look.

With its view angle of 150 ° and in order not to collide, this small fish with artificial intelligence is able to avoid obstacles. Moreover, the manufacturers claim that with its shape, BIKI does not frighten the other fish and therefore allows to approach it as close as possible.

During its immersion, BIKI can reach a depth of 60 meters and has a battery life of up to 120 minutes, bringing back fabulous images of the seabed or just having fun in a few meters of water.

Created by ROBOSEA, this small water drone is announced at a start price of +/- 600 $.

While this is a good budget, BIKI will be of interest to divers who are technology savvy and who want to add this aquatic drone to their diving gear.

More to come for connected and unusual dives using a fish with artificial intelligence.

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