Defibrilator (AED) – oxygen: 5 good reasons to train

In scuba diving, the prevention of accidents and their consequences is crucial. The use of a defibrillator and the learning of the oxygen administration allows to participate actively in the first aid of his buddy or any other diver.

Being trained in its first actions makes it possible to be more efficient and faster.

There are at least 5 good reasons to train:

1 – It’s not complicated and a few simple gestures can really help

2 – Training is not long and tomorrow it may be you who will need care

3 – The gestures you learn are generally valid both for diving accidents and for other accidents of everyday life

4 – Oxygen is certainly a drug but its diving benefits are incomparable and the DAN training will explain in detail how to administer it easily.

5 – Because defibrillators and oxygen are increasingly present in public places, knowing how to use them quickly, without hesitation and without fear can save lives. Everyone will come out and the potential safety of people will be improved.

In addition, this type of training is accessible to all, divers and non-divers. A good reason more not to deprive yourself.

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