Divers love to discover the world.

Except for people living near oceans or seas, scuba diving involves moving a lot if you want to “get wet”.

Happy travelers, scuba diving enthusiasts like to explore the seas and oceans during their holidays.

Close to home or at the other end of the earth, diving spots are varied and allow each of us to find a lovely place to dive.

Destinations like Africa, America, Europe, Oceania … (and soon Asia), are full of dive sites absolutely stunning.

Africa and its lands of fire, its smells and colors, these oceans of wonders like the incredible Red Sea or the impressive wrecks cemetery of Mbao

America that will marvel you in dive destinations ranging from cold waters to the wild spots of Costa Rica or to mysterious dives in the Cenotes

Europe, from the temperate seas of southern Italy to the cold waters of Iceland, diving in Europe will allow you to dive with orcas in Norway, to discover the “future first diving destination in Europe” or the historic dives on the wrecks of the D-Day.

Oceania: who has not dreamed one day of exploring unspoiled destinations lost in the middle of nowhere, far from all continents?

Ready to discover them?

And most importantly, do not forget to be happy 🤗


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