The incredible world of diving enthusiasts

The world of diving is a world of passionate people who do not hesitate to put their scuba diving activity at the center of their lives and their actions.

Whether through our profession, an association or just for fun in an isolated way, we work for more respect of the underwater environment, for more pleasure to practice diving or simply to share our passion.

In doing so, we give our life a positive orientation that beautify it by providing us with pleasure and joy.

Diving takes time in our lives, and it makes us feel good

But for many of us, it does not stop there.

Indeed, there are many people known publicly or in an almost total anonymity that make their passion the dream of their entire lives.

Also, I invite you to discover the next weeks the portraits of these actors and actresses from the exciting world of scuba diving.

You will find projects carried by  people who have changed their life to work in diving, scientists who have led a long-term fight for small or large causes, …

These divers are witnesses of the possibility for each of us to integrate our greatest passion into our life to make it more beautiful, richer and more alive.

Whether by changing completely our life or investing in causes that are important to us, we can all participate in our way to make our lives more beautiful.

Having a passion in our life is a huge chance and diving is a magnificent passion

Because we do not have time to live unhappy, let’s discover together the destinies of people who, through their small or large actions, step out of their comfort zones, position themselves, get themselves with a lot of courage, follow their ideals and make our world of diving even more wonderful.

“It’s the opportunity to realize a dream that makes life interesting” – Coelho P –

Good discoveries … and do not forget to be happy 🙂


Do you also make small or big actions to make the world of diving better ?

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So that together we can change the world of diving