Dive for all

Long ago scuba diving was only reserved for the more athletic of us.

Today, diving adapts and is also available in a form of leisure and takes into account many aspects including the respect and preservation of underwater life.

Adapted to all our peculiarities, it opens up to a large public by focusing on fun in complete safety.

Relaxation, underwater discoveries, explorations, respect for marine ecosystems, challenges, meetings, participation in historical research, … everyone can live his dive according to his tastes and desires.

Good news: Young, old, big, fat, slim, men, women, disabled, … you can all enjoy this exceptional leisure!

With the agreement of your doctor, it does not matter who you are, you can be a senior who wants to start an activity of discovery and openness to others, a woman overbooked that wants to decompress, a teenager in search of new challenges, a child in need of a fun activity, a man eager to learn underwater photography, … diving can offer you the well-being you deserve.

It is important to adapt to your peculiarities, your desires and your needs and you deserve the best. Different Dive explores with you all the aspects of the many possibilities because you are different divers

In the “For all” section, you will find articles on senior diving, women’s diving and many other topics for everyone.

Because more and more children choose to practice diving, and the activity must therefore be adapted to this particular audience, the “Kids” section is entirely dedicated to them

To discover without waiting

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