Diving is an activity that raises many questions for those who want to get into the business but also for anyone else:

How to find ideas for unusual dives? What diving spots to discover near you or far away? What training to get your certification? How to prevent diving accidents? What are diving agencies? Is diving accessible to children, women, seniors, …?

All these questions that arise when you begin and / or practice scuba diving are interesting and relevant. But of course it’s impossible to answer in one post 😉

That’s why, I invite you to explore six points to (re) discover what you are passionate about:

1- Destinations: Africa, America, Europe, Oceania … and soon Asia will be on the agenda.

2 – Training: to understand what is involved in diving progress, to question what we have already learned, …

3 – Diving for all: because everyone must be able to find it’s place according to it’s own expectations and needs, diving must adapt to the profile of the divers

4 – How to prevent accident: to avoid being in potentially dangerous situations, focusing on prevention is essential for safe and secure dives

5 – Top : to discover many projects, the best diving destinations, ideas, tips, … a fun, friendly and effective way to focus on what matters most

6 – Underwater life: because it’s just wonderful to discover and understand the world in which we dive

A trip in 6 themes that are dear to us … for fun, for safety and for a world of diving open to all

And most importantly, do not forget to be happy 🤗


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