Here’s why your dive training is bad !

Whatever you have done, know it, your dive training is bad!

That’s how it is !

Indeed, if you think you have followed a good dive training, think again because according to some divers, it will be bad right away!

How can your dive training be bad?

There are many certification agencies around the world and each of them provides specific training for the criteria they choose to prevail over others.

Also, you will inevitably be confronted one day or another with divers having received a training somewhat different from yours … and this is where the troubles can begin.

Indeed, if overall, regardless of the training course, you will find some basics: mastery of diving equipment, buoyancy, signs of communication, assistance and rescue techniques, … they will be more or less put to the taste of the technical committees and / or educational certification departments that provides your diving training.

However, despite an apparent uniformity (or consensus) on the bases to be acquired in the practice of diving, you will find that the way of learning differs sometimes, without this necessarily affecting the quality of teaching.

However, some divers, all training agenccies combined, can not help but demonstrate that their training was more intense, more physical, more serious, was more safety, more of this, more of that, …

These divers will want, whatever happens, to show you how they are right (and wrong) instead of using training differences as opportunities to change the world of diving.

For these divers, whatever your experience and the sometimes impressive number of dives you made, your training will be bad if it was different from theirs.

And inevitably, you who are a “cool divers” (to (re) discover here urgently), you will have the greatness of soul (or politeness) to let them be right before going your way to go diving with pleasure and safely.


Can we escape?

These divers are everywhere around us. But do not give in to discouragement because with a little experience you will recognize and avoid them to focus only on open people, resepctuous,  just like you.

To make things clear:

  • No you are not a better diver because you have followed a longer and intense training … everything will depend on your diving behavior
  • Regardless of the training course you will find excellent divers everywhere … and very bad too.
  • Certification is nothing … everything will depend on what the person will do with the c-card

Of course, given my commitment to the dissemination of information in the world of diving and especially in the field of training, you can easily imagine that I am regularly taken on this subject (sometimes even I am associated with agencies I’m not affiliated with!)

So, you who read me regularly, know that I don’t like sterile debates like “who has the best? » 😉

Good to know …

Nevertheless, and most importantly, do not forget to be happy 🤗


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