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How to understand the pulmonary overpressure in a few seconds (and never forget it)?

How to understand the pulmonary overpressure in a few seconds (and never forget it)?

Impossible to practice scuba diving without hearing about the pulmonary overpressure. The most serious diving…

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6 tips to protect your ears while diving

6 tips to protect your ears while diving

Ears are ultra-sensitive points for scuba diving enthusiasts. If we have certainly all been confronted…

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About the author

Specialist in the training sector in the world of education, I have been passionate about scuba diving for many years. It is probably this combination between my professional field of activity and my love for diving that made me want to continue my instructor course. And it is probably also this beautiful mixture of passions that initiated in me the crazy desire to create the Different Dive diving blog.

And the extraordinary adventure of the blog does not seem to be ready to stop since today there are thousands of us sharing together this desire to open the world of diving to all. An incredible community of lovers of the underwater world.

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We're not here to worry. Have fun like crazy, life will pass like a dream...

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The Different Dive blog in brief

The Different Dive blog was born in 2017 from my desire to open the world of diving to everyone.
Here you will find reflections about diving practices, training or equipment. You will also discover travel stories dedicated to diving, articles focused on ecology and ocean conservation or well-being.
Let yourself be carried away through the diving blog by my most beautiful surprises, photos and tests made just for you.
I really enjoy interacting with readers. Also, feel free to leave me a comment directly on the blog below your favorite articles.
And then, above all… don’t forget to be happy.

Scuba diving for everyone

Fortunately, it is far behind us when diving was reserved for a sporting elite. Today, diving is available for everyone: men, women, children, young and old, with or without differences…
The evolution of knowledge, equipment and pedagogy has opened the practice of this activity to as many people as possible without discrimination. 

A willingness to question oneself

Whether you are questioning your scuba diving training, looking for other visions of diving practices or questioning the exercises that make up your curriculum, you will find on the Different Dive blog topics that talk to you.
Here, nothing is taken for granted and everything can be questioned.

A blog powered by collective intelligence

The Different Dive blog is clearly intended to be part of a reflective step backwards. But also oriented towards the construction of knowledge through the processes of collective intelligence. The idea is that all of us together are able to think and produce a lot of knowledge. That’s why I call on you, the readers of the blog, to bring your knowledge and thoughts about diving.

An orientation dedicated to pleasure

Very clearly, the Different Dive blog is resolutely oriented towards a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

So, do you want to follow me on this adventure?