How to get trained for my first level of diving? What are the diving specialties? How to become a diving instructor ? Diving as a job, is it possible?

From  intro dive to instructor training including specialties, every diver must have access to basic information

Understand everything about diving training in 4 steps:


I’m starting, I want to know everything :  not easy to start diving when you discover this universe. Here you will find basic information to understand how you can start the incredible adventure of scuba diving.

I go on with my training : you have achieved your first level and want to continue your training? Let’s go 😉

I finish my training : you are more and more comfortable with the aquatic environment. It’s time to finish your dive training. Let’s go for beautiful dives.

I’m diving, what else ? : your dive training is now completed, the possibilities to go on with other trainings are important: learn to dive with NITROX, to experiment the night dive, to find tricks to realize a good briefing,

… many ideas to continue to evolve with pleasure and safety in the incredible world of scuba diving

But above all, … do not forget to be happy 🤗


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