Underwater photography

Underwater photography

Underwater photography is now within the reach of as many people as possible. Indeed, the days when the world of beautiful aquatic images was reserved for a handful of divers are over. Right now, we can all make wonderful shots using very affordable devices. This, thanks in particular to the democratization of the cost of photo equipment.

I thought it was worth a new section on the blog.

Also, I decided to dedicate this section to two main themes. In the first, I propose to discover the photographers who touch me in the expression of their art. The second is dented to all experiences and other encounters related to underwater photography.

Amateur but passionate underwater photographers

They are scuba diving lovers and really talented in the field of underwater photography.

Some are equipped with relatively light photo equipment. Others have opted for advanced waterproof cameras and housings. But all have in common this immense love for the oceans. But also for underwater life, the ecology andaesthetics of the aquatic environment. In warm or cold waters, they travel the planet to offer their most wonderful shots to the entire community of divers. As an invitation to dream and discover their special universe.

Besides famous names, they also make us dream with extraordinary photos of the aquatic world.

Today, I want to discover amateurs or semi-professionals passionate about beautiful images. Also, through articles, I will propose in this new section many portraits of artists that deserve to be highlighted and that deserve to be known.

Because that’s exactly what I love to do on the Different Dive blog.

Experiences or other encounters related to underwater photography

I will take advantage of this new section to discuss with you other issues affecting underwater photography in general.

Material used for underwater photography, feedback (sometimes funny), reports on other famous names or on websites that I want to share with you … All the subjects circling the diving photo will be found here.

Underwater photography, do you like it? Do you particularly like one or the other artist of the seabed?

This new section of the blog is made for YOU!

And above all… remember to be happy 🤗


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Warning: if you are an amateur or semi-professional photographer and want to appear in these different portraits of artists, do not hesitate to contact me.