Dive with Frogfish … Funny Beast

Egypt is and remains a dream destination for divers envious of immersing themselves in a world of colors and where each dive is the promise of an unforgettable moment of discovery. If you want the certainty of having a full view, this is probably where you must go.

This is the destination that we offer you to discover frogfish.

But what is this funny animal so hard to find among corals and other colored drops?

Toadfish, fishing fish or more commonly known as frogfish is found in all the warm seas of the globe (it likes water at minimum 20 °). You can observe it in shallow bottoms even if certain families of this species can evolve in depths between -1000 and -3000 m: o Relatively small, this fish shows us an aspect that may seem to us somewhat Deformed. Her body is covered with small thorns and sometimes warts.

With flippers in the form of webbed legs, frogfish is the king of camouflage. But do not be deceived, it is a lonely predator but voracious. It attracts its prey through a lure placed over its mouth

Frogfish is easy to observe (once found) as it stays motionless or moves very slowly. There are many species of frog fish.

The photos of this article are those of a frogfish called “wart” observed in Egypt off Hurghada, in the Red Sea.

Are you able to observe it?

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