Observation of killer whales or orcas in Norway

Diving with killer whales or orcas is certainly one of the most impressive dives to be made at least once in a lifetime.

While they are present from the poles to the tropical seas, every year it is during the months of November to February that Norway receives the greatest concentration of orcas in the world. These amazing predators are attracted to the banks of millions of herring present at this time in the waters of the fjords.

The reputation of “killer whale” of the orca makes him a mythical and impressive animal. However, even if it surprises with its 9 meters in length and its weight of up to 8 tons this imposing mammal is allowed to approach by the divers on the surface without any aggressiveness. Indeed, the orca feeds on fish, sharks, sea lions, seals, not us …

It does not represent a threat to man when he is in his natural environment. Only a few cases of killer whale attacks against humans have been reported … in enclosed environments (marine park, basins, …)

Orca is a social animal that establishes specific hunting strategies. Due to this fact, immersing yourself near an orca almost automatically gives the guarantee of seeing several. Especially since the visibility in these crystalline waters regularly reach 40 meters!

Because the country is beautiful, enjoy this unusual dive to discover the beautiful scenery and the multitude of colorful fishing villages that stretch along the fjords.

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… What a great time 😃


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